Trishana Milbrook  has chronic wanderlust and endless curiosity on the human condition. She studied biology and anthropology in college, but continues to explore philosophy, comparative religion, folklore, psychology, and history as a hobby. She has worked in the transportation industry; also as an archaeologist, a guest lecturer, a storyteller, and an analyst.

The Mythosphere  The psychologist Carl Jung referred to the rational mind as Logos, and the emotional or intuitive mind as Mythos. If the Blogosphere is the the sum of the cyber-neurons of our logical mega-brain, then, in keeping with Jung’s terminology, I am calling the intuitive or creative collective brain the Mythosphere. The Mythosphere is the interconnection of myths, legends, shared dreams, and folklore that we employ to create the world we live in.

The Mythosphere doesn’t get much recognition, but it’s all around us every day. It serves marketers, advertisers, business professionals, journalists, priests, and politicians. To become literate in the Mythosphere is to participate in the creation of a global story.

I designed this blog to document my own adventures in the Mythosphere.  Thanks for visiting! New posts appear here about every two weeks. Ideas, thoughts, comments are most welcome. I can also be reached at:  ixtrixana3 at gmail dot com.




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