The Fairy Tale Road


Folk literature is in fashion these days. Germany is capitalizing on the enduring legacy of the 19th century folklorists Brothers Grimm and have designed a tour of Germany based on the legendary locations of many of the Grimm stories. You can drive the whole route in about a week if you take the time to check out all the stops, and beware of the Big Bad Wolf!

Grimm Brothers Fairy Tale Road

Grimm Brothers Fairy Tale Road

But it isn’t just the tourist ministry that is proud of this folklore heritage. This storefront in Rothenburg has its own homage to the Town Musicians of Bremen:


Town Musicians of Bremen

The story is rather funny in that the animals never become musicians and they never arrive in Bremen! But the tale does show we are capable of anything, and don’t know our own strength until we’ve hit rock bottom. In fact we can turn the tables, and what we fear will then fear us.

You can read the full text of the story with some interesting notes here: Town Musicians of Bremen


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