The Triumph of Bullsh*t

NaBloPoMo_NovemberIn finance, a “bull market” is a period of time when stock prices are rising and a general sense of economic euphoria prevails; a “bear market” is a period of time when stock prices fall and investors are pessimistic about the near future of the economy. How these “power animals” became associated with boom and bust cycles I do not know; but I do find it kinda funny. Because “bull” is a term also strongly associated with deceit, which seems to me has a strong influence on American economics.

If you want a good laugh, check out Wikipedia’s article on Bullshit.

Here’s a picture of the sculpture of the “bull market” of Wall Street outside the Stock Exchange in New York:


He looks pretty animated, aggressive, maybe even coked up? Wouldn’t surprise me from what I know of the stereotype of the American stockbroker.

And here’s a picture of his European colleague, outside the stock exchange in Frankfurt, Germany, financial center of the euro:


This bull is stoical, pensive, intense. He is staring down the bear (not pictured) but other than holding his ground he doesn’t have much enthusiam, it seems.

And all I can say is maybe this means Americans are better at bullshitting. It the short term, this may be an effective strategy, but it leaves me wondering about the future one hundred years from now.


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