Time Stains



Today I noticed a little trophy on my WordPress notifications menu. Turns out that today is my third anniversary on WordPress; I would like to thank all my readers and followers for three great years, since this blog has been more successful than I could ever imagine when I started.

Time, the perception of time, the philosophy of time, it has always fascinated me.  So while I was wandering around New Mexico this past September I paused a moment by a sign that read “Time Stains.” That’s what geologists call these multi-colored lichens that live on desert rocks. Because these lichen colonies have been there, living on these rocks for 20,000 years. Could you imagine your town being around that long, unchanged, everyone you know working the same job and living in the same house? For 20,000 years?


Time Stains (Capulin Volcano National Monument, NM)

But these lichens do it, and the acids their metabolisms produce slowly eat the rock away, creating minerals that lead to the growth of plants, that then feed the animals, and create a whole ecology.

So think of that next time you feel trapped at your same old job, your same old relationships, the endless monotonous routine. Maybe all of you are just time stains, and your work and your living, without any thought on your part, may be creating a new and incredible universe, unknown and unimagined by you. You are more than you realize.

Keep on blogging, friends!


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