Grandfather’s Vision


My fellow Mythonauts, I have decided to participate in BlogHer’s Blog A Day challenge for the month of November (  Be ready for a daily onslaught of mythic mayhem!

At first I was hesitant to join this annual writing joust, since I put a lot of thought into my posts and quick posts aren’t easy for me. Then I decided, perhaps a change in style for a few weeks will lead to new discoveries in the Mythosphere. So here I begin, on this 1st of November.

I was wandering through Texas recently, and stumbled across the wonderful little town of Pampa (rhymes with Tampa). The folk musician Woody Guthrie lived in Pampa for many years and his old friends and neighbors are still around, making music. Little else seems to happen.


Grandfather’s Vision, Pampa Texas

In a small city park next to the bank on Cuyler Street is this bronze sculpture titled “Grandfather’s Vision.” It depicts a young Native American and a cowboy studying the rock art at their feet. The artwork carved or painted onto the rocks must be conveying a message, however riddling.

It’s the little things all around us that encapsulate what we are, although we rarely notice. This sculpture says more about the Texas Panhandle region than most museums can do with thousands of square feet to tell the story. The area had a colorful history of conflict, including the Red River war between Native American tribes and the US Army, rancher feuds, labor union struggles, army outposts and Civil war skirmishes, and the massive destruction of the buffalo. Did anyone ever stop to reflect, “What did our elders want us to do here? What was their vision?”

And as this weekend celebrates the Day of the Dead and Halloween, both traditional holidays for seeking the counsel and wisdom of one’s ancestors, this seems a good time to ask the question.


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