It’s The End Of The World

And I feel fine. I really do. Because according to the Mayan sages, the world has ended a few times before, and things always got better afterwards. F’instance, in one previous world described in the Mayan book the Popol Vuh, people were globs of mud. In the world after that, they were wooden robots and monkeys. So obviously we are improving. Unless. . . this time around we all become zombies. Well, okay, I’m leaving that one open for comment.

One thing to consider is this: the Maya also believed the current world began around 3114 B.C. What was going on around that time, you wonder? Stonehenge was being built in Britain, and Egyptian hieroglyphs were appearing in Egypt. In the Americas, maize was being planted as a domestic crop for the first time. Agriculture. That’s what seems to go along with the other hallmarks of civilization: writing, calendars, specialized arts, public architecture. No accident that the Maya should consider such a time as the beginning of the world.

So that leaves us with this food for thought. If the present world is coming to an end, does that mean we advance to the next level, a super-civilization, maybe even the Singularity? It’s the end of the world as we know it, and I feel. . . transhuman.



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